Delivery Policy

Delivery Charges (Same day delivery):
Normal Delivery: $8 per location
Express delivery $11.9 per location

Missed Delivery:
**(Second attempt Delivery : $8 on top of first attempt delivery charge)

(Free Normal Delivery: $50.OO above)

The above mentioned does not apply to the location or condition as stated below. Army Camps and Sentosa or any other area that are hard to access and areas which required an entry fee.
**(Additional $10 delivery fees might be incurred for exceptional locations)

Delivery Timing : 0930hrs-1730hrs
In the event of any time range to avoid, please indicate in the remarks before checking out. Alternatively, please give us a call. Do note that the request is not a guarantee. If we are unable to meet your request, we will give you a call to rearrange the time of delivery to your convenience.

Exchange & Return of Items
Items can only be exchanged if there is a defect with the products or wrong item sent. For defective products, you can exchange your items within 7 days from the delivery date as we will not be able to guarantee the quality for any period longer than that since we can’t confirm the storage condition on your end.

If you have placed a wrong order and would like to exchange it, you can email or call us to arrange for the exchange within 3 working days based on the receipt of the item.